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ToWaSo offers services and products to B to B and B to C markets.
You are a company, municipality, organization or any society. You will love our solutions to your waste.


We are committed to environmental improvement and prevention of pollution. This include segregation, compaction of waste and transportation of waste with optimized route.


We install and help you operate the Bio-Gas plant that is easy to understand and operate. It suits individual or society needs. We are breaking the boundry by installing Bio Gas digestor in Urban area.


Vermicomposting, a highly nutritious organic fertilizer that helps plant growth. It contains all the nutrients important for the proper growth of plant.


We are providing consultancy for Air, Noise and Water pollution, and IT solutions for Door to Door garbage collection . Further we will extend our services to Life Cycle Assesment.

Bunch of Entrepreneurs Striving for a Positive Impact on the Society.

Urban India is now the world’s third-largest garbage generator. Let's have a look on Numbers that We are associted with.

Tons of garbage
Every Day
There are lots of good reasons to compost. Save money, save resources, improve your soil and reduce your impact on the environment. Regardless of your reasons, composting is a win/win scenario. Good for you and good for the environment.Adding compost fertilizer to your garden will not only fertilize, it actually feeds your soil with a diversity of nutrients and microorganisms that will improve plant growth.
Almost any organic material is suitable for composting.you can give your kitchen waste,grass clippings, garden refuses and fruit & veggie scrap also. These things are waste for you and nature if not handled properly, but here in ToWaSo we use such materials to make useful products again for society. So help us to achieve a clean India goal by submitting your waste to us.
You need to spend only 5 minutes daily to manage your organic waste. If you get your segregation containers sorted out – it’s just a task of submitting the waste to our waste collector vehicles which is available near to your home.We'll also remind you when the vehicle is near by of your home using our tracking app.

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