Y4Biz - Youth for Business,Jharkhand Edition

Presenting ToWaSo at Y4Biz - Youth For Business Jharkhand Edition.
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Y4biz ToWaSo

ToWaSo at MeltingPot2020

ToWaSo feels privileged to represent IIT(ISM) Dhanbad at MeltingPot2020. It was a great experience showcasing the journey till now to the national and international audience. MeltingPot2020 Innovation Summit is the platform in the region enabling collaboration, networking and knowledge share between the various stakeholders in the innovation eco-system to catalyze the transformation of the region into a global innovation hub.

One Year Anniversary

August 26th 2017 ..This is our first Anniversary of ToWaSo Private Limited.Here is our One Year Journey.

Bio Gas Stove

This is not just the flame, but the hard work that we have been putting since months

Bio Gas Plant in Dhanbad Nagar Nigam

Now, citizens can cook food with perishable leftovers of the kitchen and help the coal town rub off the blot of being the dirtiest city in the country. Total Waste Solution has come up with an affordable solution to various environmental concerns.

Bio Gas Plant

Bio Gas Reservoir

Gas being collected in the gas reservior

Making of Vermi Compost

ToWaSo started making Vermi Compost from the wet waste produced from houses.